The Center for Yoga and Personal Growth was founded in 1997 as a learning center for personal achievement. It has evolved into a resource for mind body health. Clinical hypnotherapists, NLP practitioners, yoga instructors, life coaches, and marriage family therapists unite at the center. All classes, bodywork, counseling sessions, and weekend workshops are designed to teach skills and techniques to create balance in our lives.

Seven days a week, you'll find Capitola yoga offering a variety of styles and levels available at the center. Whatever your level of experience or personal exercise style, the practice of yoga promises to increase focus, clarity, energy, stamina, musculoskeletal strength, flexibility and provide a wonderful sense of well being.

The Capitola yoga studio offers a place where you can cultivate a sacred space and time for your mind body health. Approaching it with an open heart and mind is Svadhyaya—self-actualization.


My goal as a teacher is to create an environment in which students feel safe, challenged, and enthusiastic about the many riches that yoga has to offer. Yoga is an optimistic discipline, which asserts that we all have vast potential beyond our current state. For me, the most exciting thing about yoga has been the process of watching this potential blossom in my life and in the lives of students in my classes.
— Amey Matthews, Yoga Teacher
I opened The Center in hopes that I could share the tools that continue to bring me personal fulfillment, joy, and ease of well-being. When teaching yoga, I continue to honor and be inspired by my teachers: Kofi Busia, Amey Mathews, Paul Gould, and Mary White Feather.
— Tricia Hancock, Founder & Yoga Teacher
We are all healing, all of the time, and we all have the ability to heal.
— Cheri Clampett, Co-founder of therapeutic yoga.